FVDSS Group Objectives

As a volunteer-run support group for families with children with Down syndrome in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, our goals are:

  • To provide support and information to families in the Fraser Valley who are expecting or have a child with Down syndrome.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to connect with each other.
  • To provide guest speakers for such topics as Behavioural issues, Speech Therapy, IEP meetings, Vision Therapy, and much more.
  • To provide a Lending Library of resources and educational aids relating to Down syndrome.
  • To provide programs and services that support the developmental, cognitive, social and emotional well-being of individuals with Down syndrome.
  • To assist families financially in accessing programs and therapies aimed at helping the development of their child with Down syndrome.
  • To organize family events to foster friendships between the people with Down syndrome, as well as their siblings and parents.
  • To organize an annual Walk for Awareness to raise awareness in our community, funds for our support group and build community within our member families.