What is a Team?

A walk team can consist of your immediate family or 200 of your closest friends, family and neighbours. If you are not sure who to ask to be on your team, just look around you. Invite your neighbours, family, teachers, classmates, co-workers, doctor, dentist, church family, mechanic or other people you interact with on a regular basis. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the show of support you receive.

Some teams make a team t-shirt or carry same-coloured balloons – so their team will stand out as they walk together.  Teams can choose a name which honours their loved one with Down syndrome. Some examples of team names include: Famous Amos, Team Jordan, or simply the name of the person with Down syndrome you are supporting.

We are so grateful that each year, family, friends and other interested community members come together and support this cause!

team spirit at the Walk for Down syndrome Awareness in Abbotsford, BC