New Parents

If you have arrived here, there is a good chance you have received news you did not expect. As an expectant or new parent you have been told your child has or may have Down syndrome.

If your child has arrived, please accept the sincere congratulations of our entire community.

We run a New Parent Visiting program where we welcome new families anticipating their baby’s arrival or who have just welcomed a child with Down syndrome into their lives. If you are a new parent, or know of one, our trained visitors would love to meet with you and offer any advice and support we can. We even have a special gift for you!

As you embark on this new adventure, first, know you are not alone. Instead, you have become part of a deeply caring and warmly welcoming community. When you are ready, please contact us. We can answer what seem to be terribly daunting questions and, if you like, put you in contact with other parents who have been exactly where you are now.

Second, take care of yourself. Whether you are expecting or have been joined by a new arrival, the one thing that is known is that a baby – a little packet of human potential just waiting to explore his or her world – is counting on you. So, rest, relax and enjoy!

 To download a FREE Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis booklet, CLICK HERE.